Kristi specializes in the treatment of adolescents, adults, and families struggling with a wide range of challenges including anxiety, depression, emotion dysregulation, interpersonal difficulties, relationship issues, trauma, work/life stress, and overall stress management.

Kristi believes in an integrative approach

to treatment and utilizes various treatment methods based on individual needs. She collaborates with each client to develop an individualized treatment plan that focuses on acceptance of one’s emotional and life experiences, symptom reduction, and improvement in quality of life. She primarily draws on evidenced based approaches, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, and Mindfulness techniques to help clients become more aware of the link between their emotions, thoughts, and behaviors. With much sincerity and compassion, Kristi aims to implement these strategies to increase the ability to effectively cope with emotions and change negative thought and behavioral patterns.

Individual therapy

The primary purpose of individual or talk therapy is to help people develop the skills and harness the tools they need to confront personal challenges and difficulties in a healthier way. It can also help people make healthy decisions, reach their goals, and become self-aware in addition to handling difficult situations.

Couples Therapy

Kristi can work with you at any stage of your relationship. Couples therapy provides you with the environment and communication skills needed to work through challenging issues in your relationship. You can learn how to reconnect, support one another emotionally, communicate more effectively, and better respond to each other’s needs.

Pre-licensure Supervision

Kristi is a Qualified Supervisor who has provided supervision to many local professionals. Kristi knows how important choosing a supervisor is. She provides Individual and Group Supervision to meet all your developmental needs. Kristi takes pride in providing interns a comfortable, supportive environment to help achieve professional confidence.


All services are private pay. The benefit to this, as opposed to utilizing insurance, is that there is no diagnosis that is required with paying privately, and you gain an extra layer of confidentiality, as there are no insurance company employees that are handling your information.

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