Beautiful Chaos

Beautiful Chaos

Chaos means many different things to various people. Chaos can simply mean a lot happening all at once- similar to a scene in a movie whereby the doorbell is ringing, the water is boiling over the stove, the two toddlers and dog are all chasing each other around in the kitchen, all while the busy Mom or Dad is trying to get a handle on it… kind of like a typical “Calgon take me away” commercial.

I describe my life as chaos, but it is more than that- it is my very own, beautiful chaos. I am definitely that Mom trying to get a handle on all that is going on at any given moment…

My very own chaos started for me as a young girl. At age three, I knew what the words divorce, step-family and moving all meant. My childhood was by far, not awful. Actually, it was pretty great! There was lots of love, family, good friends, support, a family dog, swing set and even nice big pool in my backyard.

But, regardless of all of this, growing up in the late 70’s and early 80’s, I was still one of the very few kids with divorced parents and a step-family. I knew this made me somewhat different and maybe being attune to this difference at a young age made me a little more mature, a little more sensitive and a whole lot more intuitive and interested in people in general. I recall being interested in human behavior ever since I was a young child myself.

In elementary school, during recess, the majority of kids would be climbing trees, running amuck and playing tag. I could be found sitting with a close friend of mine talking about our families, school and anything thought-provoking. I was very much interested in reaching out to peers that seemed down, discouraged or even outwardly angry. I guess this was the start of it all…the start of my unofficial social work career, which seemed to begin for me in elementary school!

Approximately 18 years later is when I began getting paid for what I feel like I’ve been doing my whole life! I have now been in the field of social work for 12+ years working primarily with children and adolescents in the scope of child welfare and mental health. I am very proud and honored to call myself a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

Nothing about social work is boring- everyday is uniquely different and uniquely challenging! My personal life is similarly, never boring! Two toddlers, and a 90lb furry baby also referred to as a dog to most, all keep me on my toes!

We all have unique experiences that we bring to our time on earth- some good, some bad, but I’ve learned to no longer categorize what has been “good” and what has been “bad” rather, they are all my own experiences that have truly contributed to my very own beautiful chaos!

If you have a moment and want to laugh at times, or even possibly cry, feel free to enjoy my blog. I’m starting this blog as a way for me to journal my experiences in social work and the ways it opens my eyes and changes my heart on a regular basis.

(Please note that all of the thoughts are mine alone – please do not consider them a substitute for professional, legal, or psychological help. I have altered names, places, and other identifying information in all of my professional posts to protect the privacy of my clients).

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